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Handling of appeals

  • DNVBAPL-SCPA has a process in place to handle appeals arising out of its V/V activities/operation that defines how to receive, evaluate, and make decisions on appeals. 
  • The client/responsible party shall be allowed to have an appeal for the outcome of a complaint. Also, DNVBAPL-SCPA allows responsible party or client to appeal against the decision/recommendations taken by DNVBAPL-SCPA related to its validation/verification or review of the same. 
  • In such situations the client/responsible party shall give it in writing for appeal within 15 days of the outcome of the complaint. 
  • Once the appeal request is received, DNVBAPL-SCPA will initiate necessary action by creating an appeal committee consisting of 2 members who are not involved in the complaint or dispute under consideration. It can also have an external person or advocate, if necessary, with the approval of DNVBAPL-SCPA management. 
  • The appellant shall inform his/her representative(s) and shall meet the appeal committee, having time and venue mutually agreed (tele/video conference is also allowed and acceptable based on the scenarios.) 
  • An unbiased decision shall be taken based on the points put forth by the appellant. 
  • In case if the decision of the appeal committee is still not acceptable by the appellant, the appeal is further moved to Impartiality committee. 
  • If the decision of the Impartiality committee is still not acceptable to Appellant, DNVBAPL-SCPA is forced to allow the appellant to approach the respective accreditation body. 
  • All the proceedings of the appeals are recorded in Complaints, Appeals form ICP-2- CCS-PRP-F-25

Handling of Complaints

  • DNVBAPL-SCPA shall make its Complaints and Appeals procedure public on its website. Whenever necessary, it shall be shared with any interested party. 
  • Quality Manager or his/her designee shall be responsible to receive all complaints from various sources.
  • If a non-designee or an employee receives a complaint, he/she shall forward it to Quality Manager. 
  • Quality Manager or his/her designee shall register the complaint on Complaints, Appeals form ICP-2-CCS-PRP-F-25 
  • If the complaint is received verbally, it is the responsibility of the Quality Manager or his/her designee to register the same on ICP-2-CCS-PRP-F-25 with the complete details of the complainant. 
  • Once the complaint is registered, Quality Manager or designee will determine the validity or authenticity of the complaint by collecting the details associated with the complaint. 
  • Quality Manager or designee is responsible to gather all relevant information about the complaint. 
  • The following approach shall be used to resolve and decide the further course of action:
     Quality Manager constitute a committee having 2 members who are not involved in the complaint.
     The committee constituted by the quality manager will note down the sequence of events associated with the complaint.
     Person who is involved in complaint will also narrate the events and are noted down.
     The committee shall compare both the sequences and objective evidence.
     The judgement and decision on further course of actions shall be decided based on the comparison and objective evidence.
     A report on the same along with further course of action (correction and necessary corrective action, amendment to procedures/policies) if required, will be submitted to Area Manager, India and Middle East
     The final decision shall be made by the committee.
     A root cause analysis shall be conducted by Quality Manager and the same will be recorded. 
  • The complaint analysis shall also become an agenda point during the next Management Review Meeting for necessary changes on polices, if required. 
  • Quality Manager or designee is responsible for confirming the receipt of the complaint, the complaint handling process, the final report and decision and any other information deemed necessary to the complainant.

Approach handling appeals and complaints

  • DNVBAPL-SCPA shall publicly make available, the procedure for complaints and appeals procedure on their website
  • DNVBAPL-SCPA shall take responsibility for the decisions at all levels of the Complaints Appeal process.
  • DNVBAPL-SCPA shall safeguard the confidentiality of the subject of the complaint, appeal, the complainant, appellant.
  • DNVBAPL-SCPA shall ensure that the persons engaged in handling complaint/appeal proceedings are different from the persons who carried out the validation/verification activities/statements.
  • DNVBAPL-SCPA shall ensure the receipt of the complaint/appeal and the proceedings along with the outcome and decision to the complaint/appellant regularly.
  • DNVBAPL-SCPA shall also make sure that no disciplinary actions are taken on the complainant or appellant.

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