tonnes CO2

per employee in 2022


thousand tonnes CO2

emitted in 2022 and offset in full

55 %

certified renewable electricity

used in DNVs offices and labs

53 %

reduction in air travel emissions

in 2022 compared to 2019 baseline

To avert the climate crisis, action is needed from all parts of society including governments, companies and individuals. At DNV, we take our responsibility to minimise our environmental impact very seriously and environmental protection is embodied in our purpose to protect life, property and the environment.

Our sustainability and climate strategy contains ambitious goals to reduce the carbon footprint of our business, with the ultimate aim of making our operations more sustainable. 

  • To review DNV’s sustainability performance – see our annual report.

50% carbon reduction by 2025

Our goal is to reduce DNV’s carbon footprint by 50% compared to a 2019 baseline. Our focus areas are: switching to renewable electricity, reducing office space, and cutting emissions from business travel by air and car.

Our goals for 2025

Reducing our carbon emissions by 50%*

Switching to 100% renewable electricity

Making an impact through our customers

*per headcount and per revenue from 2019 baseline

How we work with customers

Our greatest impact is through the advice and services that we provide to our customers. In each of our business areas, our products, services and expertise help customers become more efficient, improve their performance, and operate safely and sustainably. 

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