Process Safety Management

The business environment today is more competitive than ever, characterized by complexity, rapid change and volatility. Organizations need to clearly understand and manage all the risks involved in its operations, and establish boundaries of safe and effective operations. An effective process safety management system can not only help you avoid incidents; it is key to ensuring efficient, reliable and robust operations.

From project conceptualization to decommissioning, DNV believes in working with our clients to enhance safety, increase reliability and manage risk in projects and operations. Our broad portfolio of assessment and advisory services aim to enhance the operational integrity of our customer’s assets while reducing interface risks at every stage of the operational value chain 

A Risk based approach to Process safety management help you answer the following questions:

  • How do you know that your system is functioning? You may be facing reoccurring leaks of flammable or toxic material that are not only hazardous but can also jeopardize the continued operations of your asset. 
  • How do you prevent these incidents? If your facility is ageing you may experience an increasing number of integrity and reliability issues. 
  • Could the safety culture in your company be improved, or more focused on addressing occupational safety? 
  • Are changes to your facility well managed so they don’t introduce new hazards? 
  • Are you actively monitoring and measuring how well you are managing process safety?
An effective PSM system can not only help you avoid incidents; it is key to ensuring efficient, reliable and robust operations. 

How DNV can help

DNV can evaluate your current process safety system, procedures and practices against industry best practices. Whether you are at the stage of developing a PSM system or looking to tweak it to reflect industry best-practices, DNV can address your specific challenges. This could encompass the entire system, or individual elements like: 
  • Management of Change (MOC) 
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) 
  • Operational readiness assessment (PSSR)
  • Asset integrity and reliability Incident investigation 
  • The development of Process Safety Performance Indicators (PSPIs). 
What we offer: 
  • Understand the risks specific to your asset/facilities and prioritize them 
  • Identify your hazards and assess the associated risks through specific HIRA studies like HAZID and HAZOP reviews, QRA, SIL assessments, and LOPA 
  • Understand and manage your process safety barriers through barrier and bowtie analysis and scenario-based auditing
  • Develop key asset registers, e.g. HSE risk register, register of critical spare parts, register of safety critical elements and their performance standards. 
  • Build process safety risk awareness and culture 
  • Survey and evaluate your process safety culture – at various organisational levels – through dedicated tools 
  • Provide training related to PSM on different PSM elements and topics, for different levels in the organization 
  • Manage the integrity of your asset to extend the operational life and improve availability 
  • Review, develop or improve your asset integrity management strategy
  • Develop stakeholder health, safety and environmental studies, including safety cases and reports.