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Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning

Emergency response planning is necessary to prevent and mitigate unwanted events that may cause harm to people, infrastructure and the environment.

An emergency is an unplanned incident that can potentially cause harm to people, infrastructure, and the environment. Emergency preparedness is a vital element of health and safety management, necessary to prevent and mitigate unwanted events that may disturb the daily operation of your industry. It helps companies to fulfil their obligation to protect employees, communities, and the environment as well as limit damage to property & harm to people caused by an accident. Each incident must be addressed in view of its impact it has on the company and community. Some incidents may require involvement of external agencies such as fire services, mutual aid groups and district administration.

Effective emergency response occurs when:

  • People in the organization are adequately trained
  • Regular mock exercises are carried out.
  • Facilities are provided and well maintained.
  • Responsibilities and actions are clearly identified and communicated

Developing effective emergency response practices involves:

  • Inventory of possible emergencies and their impact
  • Responsibilities of people on site
  • Alerting people at site and outside
  • Provision, testing and maintenance of facilities based on scale and impact.
  • Safe assembly point & roll call
  • Testing
  • Provision of First Aid

How can DNV Help? 

DNV can help you with the design, implementation, and maintenance of emergency preparedness plans with expert knowledge and experience. Our team works together with you to gain a thorough understanding of your operations, threats, and risk management needs.  We help you improve the effectiveness of your emergency planning, response, and investigation capabilities. The service covers all aspects — from plan generation, communication, and drills to the follow-up of major incident investigations. As an integral part of its risk management services, DNV helps industries develop and maintain effective response plans to control their risk exposure. Our expertise ranges from fire emergency to complex process safety elements such as barrier management, emergency preparedness analysis and accident & incident investigation.