Complaint & Appeal Policy

Supply Chain & Product Assurance

Complaint & Appeal Policy

All complaints and appeals are treated as confidential information and are managed objectively and in compliance with applicable rules and regulations, including personal data protection. Our complaint and appeal procedure is part of the process of monitoring the quality and effectiveness of our services.


A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction sent to DNV Supply Chain & Product Assurance, usually related to how we manage and deliver our services, or regarding the performance of our client. A complaint can be recorded by completing the form below:

  • DNV Supply Chain & Product Assurance conducts an initial review for every complaint received. If the complaint warrants investigation, the complaint will be sent to the responsible unit.
  • The responsible unit acknowledges receipt of the complaint within five working days from the initiation date.
  • Following the review, if the complaint is validated, the necessary analysis and investigation will be conducted to identify appropriate corrections and corrective actions.
  • A written response will be sent to the complainant with the outcome of the process and DNV’s decision, which will have been made, reviewed, and approved by a competent independent person from the subject of the complaint.
  • If the complainant remains dissatisfied with our decision, they can appeal DNV’s decision within 3 weeks. DNV Supply Chain & Product Assurance officially closes the complaint if it does not receive any response from the complainant.
  • If required, we communicate the receipt of the complaint along with the decision to other stakeholders without divulging the complainant's information.

If your complaint relates directly to a DNV client, you should first raise it directly with that organization, and give them a chance to respond, before contacting us.


An appeal occurs when a stakeholder (i.e., the appellant) does not accept a decision made by DNV Supply Chain & Product Assurance and formally expresses their disagreement. 

An appeal can be recorded by completing this form. We follow the same process for handling complaints with some exceptions according to the applicable rules and regulations for our services:

  • Appeals shall be submitted to DNV within three weeks from the date of the decision by DNV.
  • DNV Supply Chain & Product Assurance conducts necessary analysis and reviews to accept/reject the submitted appeal.
  • For some services (e.g., product certification), we may be obliged to share the appeal along with a complete analysis with the relevant authorities or stakeholders (e.g., If the appeal is rejected by us) for a decision and further communication.
  • Through the authorities or directly from us, the appellant will be notified about the final decision.

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