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DNV encourages its customers to provide regular feedback during projects and through our “customer feedback survey”. However, if you have a specific complaint, please follow the process described below. 

Complaints handling

A complaint can be recorded by selecting the relevant business area below and completing the form. The complaints handling process1 is as follows: 

  • The complaint is directed to the relevant part of DNV responsible for the service/product and duly registered.
  • Responsibilities at the operational and management level for handling the complaint are designated.
  • The initial response, follow up, coordination, investigation and implementation of corrective actions, as applicable, are undertaken within time-frames commensurate with the nature of the complaint.
  • The complaint will be closed out and communicated when the actions taken are considered satisfactory. 


Complaints addressing the performance of one of our customers will normally be forwarded to the customer for their considerations and response. All other complaints will not be disclosed to a 3rd party unless otherwise agreed with the complainant. 

1This process also applies when DNV receives an appeal e.g. related to a complaint decision or a certification decision (including e.g. suspension/withdrawal).