Knowledge for action

Knowledge for action

Welcome to the Business Assurance Academy. Our training services provide insight relevant to your company context in an active learning environment. We build actionable knowledge to support you and your company’s certification journey and beyond.

Our academies are run by local managers who deliver practical courses that go beyond the theory. We give you an opportunity to learn from others living your challenges. The lessons learnt from our 70,000 customers worldwide are part of every training session. Knowing what really happens in companies like yours is our strength and we are ready to share this experience with you.  

After the training you can continue the learning experience and put your knowledge into practice with access to the online self-assessment suite. The online tool enables users to run professional self-assessments focused on specific management system standards and is free for any DNV training delegate. 

We offer both classroom and remote training services. Our course portfolio spans from management systems and product assurance to sustainability, supply chain and corporate responsibility, applicable to companies in all types of industries. We also offer technical and industry specific courses, from healthcare and food safety to aviation, aerospace, defence, automotive and functional safety.

Ramanie Chandraratne, DNV GL - Business Assurance Global Training manager

Customers around the globe benefit from our training services as we focus on enhancing your business performance. Our training packs are designed and delivered in your preferred language based on our deep industry expertise, auditor experience and extensive analysis of audit data.

  • Ramanie Chandraratne ,
  • Global Training Manager ,
  • DNV

Public and in-house courses

Our training services provide insight relevant to your company context in an active learning environment.

Knowledge fosters your ability to change. Through our training courses you will be better equipped to implement and certify your management system, and turn risks into rewards. Select below the topic of interest and take a look at the courses we offer.