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SuCCESS Code for Sustainable Castor

The SuCCESS (“Sustainable Castor Caring for Environmental and Social Standards”) initiative is aimed towards enabling sustainable castor farming, sustainable castor oil and derivatives supply chain.

There is increased consumer awareness and sensitivity towards environmental issues and a steady shift in preference to products that are sourced sustainably. The Indian consumer is also becoming more aware and will soon demand that brands deliver sustainably sourced products. (SuCCESS) is a standard developed by the Sustainable Castor Association, that unites stakeholders from various sectors of the castor industry: castor producers, castor crushers, castor derivative processors, any persons including individuals, firms or company, corporations, society or environmental and social non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that have direct or indirect involvement in the castor product’s supply chain. 

Who is it applicable to: 

The SuCCESS Supply Chain Code applies to any organization purchasing, handling and/or selling castor oil and its derivatives and who wishes to make a sustainability of the product, related to social and environmental standards including: 

  • Milling units
  • Refineries
  • Derivative producers 
  • User industries (Personal care, adhesives, pharmaceutical, automobile, electrical, ink paint, varnish, rubber etc) 

Advantages of SuCCESS certification: 

  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainable sourcing 
  • Build consumer trust and brand credibility 
  • Increase yield and farmer income with agricultural practices 
  • Adoption of good waste management practices 
  • Implement better health and safety practices
  • Efficient use of water resources 

How can you prepare for Certification: 

  • Refer to the website “” for introduction about the code and details on Sustainable Castor Association. 
  • Identify your role in the supply chain 
  • Identify your supply chain system 
  • Become a member of Sustainable Castor Association 
  • Identify certified and non-certified products in your operating system
  • Establish clear documentation of your system to meet code requirements. 
  • Keep records of purchasing, delivery, receipt of goods, shipping, production to ensure traceability of certified products 
  • Train your staff on code requirements 

How can DNV help? 

DNV is accredited by the Sustainable Castor Association to conduct SuCCESS Supply Chain Code Audits.
Our experienced auditors have many years of practice in the field of supply chain assessment and certification and offer you professional expertise throughout the entire certification process: from preparation and planning to the audit itself - we support you every step of the way.