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Safety Services

DNV’s safety services provide a systematic approach that enables companies to reduce accidents, improve business & operational performance and enhance reputation. Our approach is to understand the specific risk issues impacting your safety performance by designing a tailored solution for your needs or offering proven off-the-shelf safety services from our portfolio.

  • Design of EHS Strategy and Deployment:
    Our flagship program designed to formulate, develop and deploy EHS Strategy and annual safety business plan, in sync with corporate strategy, define standards to measure the maturity of strategy deployment across all the departments/sections, develop internal competencies & capabilities to conduct internal assessments and post analytics dashboard for management dialogue. 

  • “EHS-As-Service” - Service Delivery Model for EHS Department: The program highlights developing a Service Delivery Model for “Safety, Occupational Health & Environment Function”, establishing service delivery performance indicators & analytics program, developing internal competencies & capabilities for service delivery management.

  • ISRS™: With its first edition launched in 1978, ISRS™ (International Sustainability Rating System) is a world-leading system used to assess, improve and demonstrate the health of an organization’s business processes and addresses best practices in occupational health and safety, environmental, quality and security management and sustainability reporting.

  • Process Safety Management (PSM): PSM Operational Services Support such as HAZOP, QRA, LOPA, Bow Tie Analysis, Safety Case Development coupled with Tactical Services Support such as Functional Safety, Asset & Operational Integrity, Pre-Start Up Review, Barrier Management Program helps organizations to design process, process technology, operational and maintenance activities and procedures, non-routine activities and procedures, emergency preparedness plans and procedures, training programs on PSM. 

  • Fire & Life Safety Management: DNVGL Business Assurance Fire & Life Safety Programs helps organizations to develop a comprehensive Fire & Life Safety Management System with specific focus leadership and corporate governance, risk management, fire safety, electrical safety, general safety with legal compliance. 

  • Contractor Safety Management (CSM): Helps to develop Contractor Safety Management (CSM) program across the organization along with designing of EHS standards, criteria for on-boarding and continuous assessment of contractors’ safety performance including management of CSM processes and workflow within the organization and related competencies & capabilities. 

  • Journey Risk Management (JRM): Part of our off-site EHS program, JRM highlights developing journey risk management guidelines for the organization, identifying travel routes with preferred & alternate routes, conducting risk assessment across the route stretch and reporting “accident hot spots”, nature & type of road hazards, drivers behavior & vehicle management training program. 

  • Risk Analysis and Disaster Management Program: As part of our PSM service line initiative, this program helps organizations to develop Risk Analysis and Disaster Management Plan using the DNVGL Business Assurance Consequence Analysis Modelling and Risk Assessment software. 

  • Supply Chain Sustainability Management Program: The program intends to build, assess and improve the level of environmental, social, and economic impact and viability of the entire supply chain network of the organization and leads towards developing a sustainable supply chain practices and culture. 

  • Occupational Health Assessment Program: Conducted by DNVGL Business Assurance qualified “Occupational Health Practitioners”, the program highlights identification of occupational health hazards including ergonomical, chemical, physical, biological hazards, development of mitigation plan including preventive medical surveillance & monitoring program across the organization.