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IECEx International Certification Scheme

Independent assessment and certification of equipment and services associated with explosive atmospheres.

The IECEx is a global certification scheme for Ex equipment based on the International Electrotechnical Commission's International Standards. Ex equipment is equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres such as petrol stations, oil refineries, oil tankers and sugar refineries. Equipment used in such areas must be built so that they do not create sparks or heat that could ignite this environment. Certification ensures that equipment used in these areas is safe and comply with standards for Ex equipment.

The IECEx Certified Equipment Program

This IECEx Program is an International Certification Scheme covering products that meet the requirements of International Standards, for example IEC Standards prepared by Technical Committee 31. The IECEx Certified Equipment Program provides two alternatives:

a) A single International Certificate of Conformity that requires manufacturers to successfully complete:

  • Testing and assessment of samples for compliance with standards
  • Assessment and auditing of manufacturers premises
  • On-going surveillance audits of manufacturers premises

b) A “fast track” process for countries where regulations still require issuance of national Ex Certificates or approval. This is achieved by way of global acceptance of IECEx equipment Test and Assessment Reports.

Certificates issued by the IECEx Certified Equipment Program are issued as “Electronic Certificates” and are live on the IECEx website. This enables full public access for viewing and printing. 

How can we help?

We are accepted as an IECEx Test Laboratory (ExTL) and IECEx Certifying Body (ExCB) for the following standards:
  • IEC 60079-0 Part 0: General requirements
  • IEC 60079-1 Part 1: Flameproof enclosures 'd'
  • IEC 60079-2 Part 2: Pressurized enclosures 'p'
  • IEC 60079-7 Part 7: Increased safety 'e'
  • IEC 60079-11 Part 11: Intrinsic safety 'i'
  • IEC 60079-18 Part 18: Construction, test and marking of type of protection encapsulation 'm' electrical apparatus ​