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Cybersecurity in Healthcare

The healthcare sector is rapidly becoming a primary target for cyber-attacks. Defend your organization against the escalating threat of data breaches with clear and practical advice from DNV.

Medical technologies enable early and accurate patient diagnosis, prevention, and identification of health problems faster and protection of personal data including the health-related sensitive information.

Greater volumes of personal and clinical data are being shared across healthcare institutions. Medical equipment, devices and applications are becoming increasingly interconnected. More healthcare technologies are moving to the cloud. New cyber security vulnerabilities are emerging as the digital transformation of healthcare accelerates. 

Adoption of technologies and digital transformation in healthcare has been increased over a period. This has led to better diagnosis and better care for patients. Though there are many advantages of medical technologies, challenges are little known to many. 

When more medical devices are interconnected through networks locally and remotely, the risks of hacking and other related threats become high. 

We support you and your supply chain in assuring medical technologies and practices to address these challenges by: 

• Post market management of cyber securityin medical devices as per FDA guidancedocuments
• Assuring cybersecurity in your softwares /network connected products
• Identifying the vulnerabilities of your medicaldevices in line with AAMI TIR97:2019 & TIR57:2019
• Assessing your compliance to NIST 800-53 andISO 27799 guidelines on cybersecurity andhealth informatics
• Assessing your practices and devices/products against privacy regulations including GDPR,HIPAA, HITRUST, FDA Rules etc
• Verification of your software development lifecycle for medical devices based on IEC62304
• Cyber security incident investigation and forensic support

We also support you in related services including:
• 21 CFR Part 11 related services
• Data Integrity Audits/Assessments
• Data Validation Services 

We also provide training and qualification services in:
• Healthcare facility requirements
• Medical Device regulations
• Equipment and IT infrastructure qualifications

Be confident that your technologies, governance systems and people are equipped to resist and respond to attacks with clear and practical advice from DNV.

Know your risks: Discover where you are exposed to threats before hackers get there first. DNV assesses your critical healthcare infrastructure from every angle, identifying the vulnerabilities and non-conformities you must address to stay confidently cyber secure.

Build a powerful force of defence: Put the right people, processes, and technologies in place to protect effectively against threats. We offer practical, unbiased advice on solutions to defend your business and, if an attack occurs, we help you to recover efficiently.

Win stakeholder support: Build the trust and support you need to meet your cyber security goals. DNV provides cyber security solutions for the real world, helping everyone in your organization to play a role in fighting cyber terrorists.

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