Biodiversity risk management and advisory

Just like climate change, biodiversity has its own set of risks: supply chain disruptions, shortages of nature-based produce, increase cost of natural resources, less crop yields due to unsustainable farming practices. We help in identifying these risks and opportunities for impactful disclosures.

Over half of global GDP is dependent on nature. Yet our biodiversity, which has broad social and economic importance, is threatened from all quarters, with grim consequences for irreversible nature loss. We are all interdependent and biodiversity breeds resilience. We depend on biodiversity for all our food and numerous raw materials and resources, such as timber, cotton, wool and even clean air and water. It is not just the resources themselves we depend on, but the animals and plants that contribute to them within a connected multiplicity. 

Above ground, for example, a third of the world’s crops depend on pollinators such as insects and birds. Important foods such as almonds, blueberries and cherries would not exist without them. Below ground, many invertebrates maintain the soil so that it is healthy, and bacteria play a crucial role in freeing nutrients such as nitrogen, the building block of all proteins. 

According to World Economic Forum, Global Risk Report 2023, biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse as one of the fastest deteriorating global risks over the next decade. DNV Supply Chain and Product Assurance is co-creating solutions to manage biodiversity risks, consider nature as most important stakeholders to create value for nature. 

We provide the services as: 

• Biodiversity risk assessment and management

• Development of biodiversity strategies and action plans 

• Stakeholder engagement and communication on biodiversity 

• Supply chain management and biodiversity 

• Ecosystem services valuation 

• Sustainable land use planning 

• Corporate biodiversity performance benchmarking

• TNFD readiness assessment and support 

• TNFD disclosure strategy development