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DNV SCPA collaborates with Updapt (an ESG Tech Co.) to transform your Sustainability journey.

At DNV our aim is to provide credibility and legitimacy to the disclosures and information you prepare through impartial and professional evaluation. We work towards helping you to communicate to your stakeholders that the information and data is true and faithful.

With our capability we are supporting corporates to manage ESG Risks by providing ESG services, Assessment Services, and Reporting Services with transparency. DNV has been driving sustainability innovation to help brands to grow with confidence, manage supply chain risks facilitated by digital technologies and harness the data to manage risks, fuel transactions and new ecosystems. 

We at DNV Supply Chain and Product Assurance are accelerating the pace of ESG integration through the digitalisation of systems and promoting software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. These solutions give customers the efficiency and flexibility of the cloud, including the real-time data and insights from advanced analytics. We are collaborating with Updapt (an ESG Tech Co), a new age technology-driven company, providing comprehensive SaaS-based ESG solutions to address the end-to-end sustainability needs of companies across the globe. 

The SaaS based solution can digitize a firm’s entire ESG life cycle right from data recording to monitoring including Dashboards and Sustainability Reporting as per various Global Standards such as GRI, SASB, TCFD, UNSDG, BRSR and also support them in their net zero goals. It hosts a lot of deep features around GHG Accounting including Scope 3, Predictive Analysis, Peer Benchmarking, Supply Chain monitoring among others, enabling accomplished engagement with Investors, Rating Agencies, Regulators, Customers, Lenders. With this collaboration we are envisioning to create a one stop solution for all your sustainability needs, to future proof the growing demands and secure the sustainability roadmap for your organisation. 

"When we talk about ESG there should be awareness of all the frameworks, processes and goals to achieve. With digitization we can comprehend all the steps and create a trusted dialogue with the customers, stakeholders, employees about the sustainability goals. With our collaboration with Updapt we will help you to create a technology driven assurance process to move a step closer to your ESG goals" says Mr. Prakash Tikare, Area Manager India Subcontinent & Middle East, DNV SCPA.

"Technology and Assurance solutions are a critical component of any Sustainability Value Chain and a robust Governance framework including building confidence of multiple stakeholders. The partnership between DNV and Updapt would accelerate the sustainability agendas for our clients and market at large towards their net-zero and other ESG goals"- Mr. Satish Ramchandani, Co- Founder, Updapt(an ESG Tech Co.).

Find out how we can support with your Sustainability journey here.