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DNV GL issues it’s first AD2000 HP0 Certificate in India

We are pleased to announce that DNV GL has issued AD2000-Merklbatt HP0 / DIN EN ISO3834 certificate to heavy equipment and fabrication industry in India for the scope of “Welding processes and related activities for manufacturing of pressure vessel and its parts”.

This is the first AD2000-Merklbatt HP0 certificate issued in India by DNV GL Rotterdam. Industries relying on welding as a key process in manufacturing, looking to improve their welding quality system and operation control can significantly benefit from the AD2000-Merkblatt HP0/ ISO 3834 certification. 

Approval of manufacturer under AD2000 HP0 / ISO3834 is applicable for manufacturer of pressure vessels, tanks, heat exchangers, reactors, columns, bullets and other fabricated equipment. The scope also covers welding shops for structural and other applications.

AD 2000 stands for “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Druckbehalter” meaning Working Group on Pressure Vessels. “Merkblatter” are “specification sheets”. AD 2000 Merkblatter, the German Code for pressure vessel design and manufacture, is prepared by a group of seven trade associations who together form the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Druckbehalter. The AD certification includes services comprising assessment of technical documents, test reports & testing procedures, reliability check of working procedures and personnel used.

Implementation of AD2000 HP0/ISO3834 quality system has multifold advantages such as: 
  • Enhanced customer confidence as an organization that has implemented ISO 3834 
  • Systemic triggers to identify technical issues related to welding at contract review stage 
  • Focused approach in control and monitoring of welding processes and welders / welding operators, which results reduced rework and weld defects 
  • Increased control on identification and traceability e.g. welding joints, consumables, welders etc. 
  • Cost reduction by improving process control and reduction of non-conformity 
  • Delivery of improved weld quality resulting in higher customer satisfaction 
  • Recognition – International and national business potential through demonstrated compliance with the internationally recognized standard for quality requirements for welding. 
  • Welding quality-focused machine maintenance plans 


For more information please contact 

Manojkumar Panchal
Mobile: +91 9824024738