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"We cannot let our guard fall; need high quality and reliable sources with competent personnel to manage"

Highlights from the interview done for Beverages and Food Processing Times a monthly newspaper published by Advance Info Media & Events with focus on food industry.

Nandakumar Shamanna - Regional Sales Manager

Beverages & Food Processing Times a leading publication in the sector recently interviewed our Mr. Nandakumar Shamanna (Regional Sales Manager) on the very necessity, importance of verification, certification and related aspects. The questions were pertinent to the current challenges including some recent scenarios. The responses, we are hopeful would provide the necessary clarifications. Please see the detailed text for further insights.

  • How do you look at Indian Food Processing Industry in the present scenario?

Considering the stage of our country, being in a growth phase, we can expect consumption to increase exponentially and consequently the risks. At this rate of growth, it is expected that well designed controls are in place to address the challenges. With to shift more nucleus families, working couples and fast paced life, it would mean a good time for Food business as such. The industry is generally still working in traditional ways and needs mechanisation and automation at rapid pace to improve quality, productivity and safety. So, even as can see risks we also see a lot of opportunities in this sector not only for this year but for a few years to come.

  • What are the services you are providing to the said industry?

Being a global organisation with more than 150 years of pedigree, we are providing varied ‘Assurance’ services to the Food industries in India. We are one of the approved bodies by FSSAI and provide for Certification, Assessment and trainings for this sector. We hold leading and well recognised positon in the Food processing sector offering certifications like FSSC, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS etc.

  • Do you feel post Maggi fiasco, food processors are more vigilant about certifications and food safety?

Most certainly, as the lifestyle changes and consumption of ready to eat food increases we need a definite need for the food processors to be more vigilant. The risks are plenty and if we do not see them coming this could lead to a major disaster for organisations. As mention in my earlier remark that with changing cultures and demographics such as in our country, we cannot afford to let our guard fall. Food processors are scaling up and hence need high quality and reliable resources along with competent personnel to manage.

  • How important is ISO 22000 for a food processing company and how it benefits their business?

It is now, no more an option for food processing organisations. It is only good for them to ensure they manage their risks, including reputation and to do this they better build a strong but at the same time relevant system for themselves. An independent verification builds trust with the various stakeholders including the regulators, consumers etc.

  • Your company helps in enhancing organisational operations, can you please brief how it is implemented in a particular company?

There is a distinct difference in the level of implementation of processes and systems in organisations. Our experience is that in several organisations, even the basic hygiene is not in place. Our constant endeavour is to improve industry awareness to quality, safety and at the same time productivity. It does only make sense for businesses to have the right balance, address all the three aspects but without comprising safety. All those organisation, where these risks are recognised by the leadership and take the onus, the same gets addressed with due care, else they may fall by the wayside. Adequate resources, along with attention to details of processes and controls are to be provided by the leadership to ensure success.

Soft publication Beverages & Food Processing Times

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