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DNV GL Certified Training on Accident/Incident Management & Reporting

This course would explain and discuss the obligations in respect of incident and accident management from a legal and practical perspective. It also explains how to practically implement corrective measures and how to readdress hazard identifications and risk assessments. 

Who should attend?

  •  Chief executive officers;
  • All levels of management;
  • All persons in a supervisory position, e.g. Project managers; Site managers in respect of construction work; All persons managing contractors; Team leaders;Foreman
  • Health and safety representatives and other committee members. 
Learning objectives
  • Incident and Accident Management
  • Documentation required to be completed legally regarding an incident
  • The involvement of management with an investigation
  • How to prepare for and approach an investigation
  • How to approach the implementation of corrective measures
  • Monitoring of implemented corrective measure
Course Highlights
  • Understanding how Accident Happens
  • DNVGL Loss Causation Model
  • Planning for reporting: - Positive Evidence, People Evidence, Parts Evidence, Paper Evidence, Human Factors, Cause Analysis, Remedial Action, E-waste Management 

Duration: 5 days

Hours: 40 hrs    

Registration & additional information

To register online Click Here

Please contact your nearest DNVGL Office for further information.