DNV approved Integrated Management System Internal Auditor Course as per ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018


DNV approved Internal Auditor course on Integrated Management System as per ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018–Environmental and Health & Safety


Integrated Management System-EHS                                                                


This course is approved by DNV Training and includes the requirements of Integrated Management System.


Modern business operates in markets characterized by a growing awareness of wider sustainable development issues, such as prevention of pollution and corresponding impacts on environment including reduction of biodiversity , employee Safety and Occupational Health & and its prevention including identifying, planning & establishing systems that directly affect the quality of product or service, and ensure that these processes are carried out under controlled conditions both effectively & efficiently.Organization’s EHS performance credentials therefore play a part in organization’s stake-holders loyalty. A good operating EHS system therefore, could be seen as an action plan for what to do to prevent variations on products, services & processes. Effectively implemented systems & processes will, therefore, be a tool for the organization to reduce cost & improve profitability. Moreover

  • Safety & Environmental regulations are becoming far more demanding and so is the enforcement.
  •  Customer specific requirements are becoming stringent & organizations are looking for options & ways to reduce cost of production & delivery.
  • Reducing EHS concerns and adopting prevention mechanism more efficiently have proven to reduce cost and boost profits
  • Banks, Stock Exchanges and Insurers are taking a closer look at the concerns and risks of the companies seeking credit, investment or insurance.
  • The public is using its buying power to encourage business towards fulfilling safety, health, environment, quality and social responsibilities.

Organization’s EHS credibility is becoming a factor in national and international competitiveness. Implementation of Integrated Management System can facilitate progress towards increased competitiveness, leading to increased profit, more efficient processes, reduced costs, reduce liabilities and an improved image.


 To enable participants to gain a practical knowledge of how to seek compliance & audit integrated Quality & Environment systems to comply with the requirements as per ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 and also to effectively participate in the implementation of requirements.

 At the end of the course, participants will have sufficient information to:-

  •          Where Environment & Safety fits into the big picture
  •           Benefits of Integrated Management System
  •           Get to know the integration approach
  •           Integrated Risk Management
  •           Auditing Integrated Management Systems
  •           Effectively manage & execute all the 4 stages of an Audit as per ISO 19011.
DURATION: 3 days


  •         Introduction of Integration concept & Management Principles
  •         Integrated Risk Management system approach
  •         Integrated standard interpretation
  •         Monitoring EHS performance
  •         Overview of Audit Processes
  •         Auditing skills 


 All level of Management, consultants, internal auditors etc.

  • Those involved in EHS management system development
  • Those responsible for developing and implementing plans of auditing
  • Those responsible for developing management system documentation
  • Those responsible for monitoring the performance of the EHS system
  • Those responsible for ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


 On successful completion of the course, a certificate approved by DNV will be issued to the participant.