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Food Safety Authority in India has Recognized DNV India as Approved Auditing Agency

Food Safety Authority in India has Recognized DNV India as Approved Auditing Agency

In order to cultivate and foster the growth of compliance culture, FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) is enabling compliance through private recognized Auditing Agencies. DNV India applied for this position by submitting the numerous accreditations details and qualification details of its F&B technical team. The application was accepted after a lot of scrutiny and DNV India is now recognized for auditing food business operators licensed under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 and subject to the Food Safety and Standards Regulations, 2018 with the following scope: 

• Food Processing (Dairy, Slaughter House, Meta & Poultry processing units, Egg and egg products, Fish and fish products, other sectors) 
• Food Storage/ warehouse/ Cold Storage 
• Food Transport 
• Food Retail & Distribution/ Supplier 
• Food Catering 
• E-Commerce 

This gives DNV an opportunity to participate in numerous audits for the industry in India such as GMP, in line with the Food Safety Act, Hygiene Rating System Audits, and other audits called for by the authority from time to time. The recognition was possible thanks to the relentless efforts of our F&B team. 

Comments by Purushottam Bhat, Head F&B India Sub Continent: This is indeed a great achievement. We are already recognised as one of the most trusted partners by FSSAI in India, on account of our contribution to FOSTAC trainings, Eat Right campaign, RUCO and Clean Street food hub initiatives. This recognition will further garner our growth in F&B sector in India. 

Comments by Prakash Tikare, Country Representative, India: FSSAI was operationalized in 2006 by Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry to govern Food Safety compliance in the country on the US FDA model. The attempt was also to harmonize various food safety Standards and add on new in line with international requirements. FSSAI being the most influential and powerful of Government agencies, it was our desire to partner with them for the cause of food safety. The relationship started when our CEO Mr. Luca Crisciotti, had a meeting with the CEO of FSSAI. We have submitted a detailed Lumina report indicating how Indian food producers are in comparison with Europe and Global. The relationship only strengthened with time and DNVGL become the most preferred and most respectable partner of FSSAI. All the crucial projects such as FOSTAC, Clean Street Food Hub, RUCO (Repurpose Used Cooking Oil) were piloted, validated and delivered with the support of DNVGL. Our visibility in various Indian states has increased because of these initiatives. These projects are sponsored by companies such as Tata Trust, Nestle, Jubilant foods, Zydus Wellness, and Unilever who have admired the professionalism and value that DNVGL is bringing to whole initiatives by FSSAI.