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Act now, before we run dry - combat water stress, conserve, and apply!

Optimise the distribution and water usage with smart water management system

The level of water stress is having an increased prominence globally and it can be regionally/geographically sensitive. As per the United Nations World Water Development Report of 2022, water stress is considered as a global concern with a growing rapid withdrawal of fresh water from streams, lakes, aquifers, and human made artificial reservoirs, rain water harvesting structures, as well as the impending water stress and scarcity experienced around the world. Moreover, this situation has also been aggravated by changing climatic trends, frequent natural disasters and sudden quakes of pandemics. 

As the need of the hour for promoting sustainable economic growth in India’s transition towards a 5 trillion dollar economy, Water is one such vital resource in this endeavor. India is accounting for its 17% of the world population with just 4% of the world’s freshwater resources, which clearly highlights the need for its judicious use and efficient water management.

Water stress occurs when the demand for water exceeds the available amount during a certain period or when a poor quality restricts its use. The main components of water stress are availability, quality and accessibility. DNV being a trusted assurance provider and knowledge partner for many of the companies water stewardship efforts, we have observed a exponential increase in water stewardship activities in bringing out stakeholder needs and addressing challenges related to water use. 

We at DNV serve our clients across various phases of water credit activities through rainwater harvesting assessment services. We help clients from site selection, pre-feasibility studies, evaluation pre- and post-construction activities, assessment of rainwater harvesting potential created and to actual rainwater harvested. 

We see a lot of space for innovation in bringing up the smart water management system to resolve the present and the future water needs and increase the best use of resources for a wide range of depended stakeholders. As you know Rainwater harvesting is used to store the rainwater for any future purpose but by incorporating a smart water management system, Rainwater harvesting will gain the ability to store the excess water in a smarter way by utilizing technology, which deals with the modules like sensors, Arduino processors etc. IOT based monitoring of rainwater harvesting will not only support the estimations of actual RWH but also enhance the optimum use of resources by the dependents at the catchment.

Last year SEBI in favor of putting a step forward to blue economy proposed blue bonds. Blue bonds are the financial instruments to support sustainable finance in India. Some of the blue bonds are listed below:

  • Emerging bond instrument to tackle sustainable water management, supply and waste water infrastructure financing
  • Ocean sustainability and economic development
  • Water efficiency and community impact through WASH

With good circumference, India has significant coastlines and inland waterways, and this is an huge opportunity to improve the scope of sustainable finance. Download our brochure to know how DNV can help you.

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