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Working for sustainability in our operations

We set our priorities, run our business and report our sustainability performance in relation to the material topics as identified by our stakeholders.

DNV reports in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards at the Core Level, and a third party has conducted a limited assurance of the report. 

DNV’s Group strategy defines our commitment to corporate sustainability, and this is further outlined in all business areas’ annual operating plans.

We see proactive stakeholder engagement as important for continuing to build trust and strengthen our market positions in a digital, low-carbon economy.

You will find more information on our approach and performance here.

Safeguarding our people

We aim to be the safest place to work compared to other companies in our industries. We aspire to zero harm to, and ensuring a healthy working environment for, our workforce.

DNV puts health and safety first. Our purpose since 1864 is to safeguard life, property and the environment – and we demonstrate this by taking our own medicine. The backbone of our occupational health and safety management system is that all employees are fully aware of their right to say ‘No’ when they consider a situation to be unsafe.

Please see our Annual Report for detailed information on our health and safety performance.

Fostering a culture of integrity

DNV has a zero-tolerance policy for corruption and unethical behaviour that applies to all employees, subcontractors, agents and suppliers.

Integrity, ethics and anti-corruption are important to DNV and its stakeholders and compliance is fundamental to remain professionally objective and independent in the services we deliver to our customers and society at large. To build trust, we aim to foster a sound business ethics culture also beyond compliance. 

Please see our Annual Report and our Code of Conduct for more information on our integrity performance.

Developing competence and commitment 

We want to be a company which attracts, retains and further develops competent people who are committed to our Purpose, Vision and Values. A high-quality recruitment process, along with an attractive and competitive employee value proposition and varied capability and career-development opportunities, is crucial to attract, engage and retain our people. We want to be the best place to develop your competence.

Our role as a professional service provider and source of expertise relies on the knowledge, skills and attitudes of our people. We therefore make efforts to develop highly competent, high performing and engaged people who are committed to our Purpose, Vision and Values.

Please see our Annual Report or visit our careers page for information on our people performance.

Greener operations

DNV’s purpose is to safeguard life, property and the environment. Climate action is an increasingly crucial task for the world, and also a priority for us. In Norway, DNV’s operations of buildings and travel are now verified as carbon neutral.

We strive to foster a culture in which we continuously improve our environmental and climate impact, whether this stems from our operations, services, or employees’ personal activities. We aim to deliver smarter, safer and greener performance in everything we do. We take a precautionary approach and are committed to managing and continually improving our environmental and climate performance.

Please see our Annual Report for more information on our environmental and climate performance.

Strengthening sustainable procurement practices

The sustainability and ethical standards to which DNV is committed also extend to our suppliers. Our current ambition is to fully implement a consistent sustainable procurement programme which will enable us to effectively engage with our suppliers worldwide and monitor their performance.

DNV’s Supplier Code of Conduct outlines our expectations for suppliers and is aligned with the UN Global Compact’s ten principles on human rights, labour standards, environmental performance and anti-corruption. We procure most services and products locally.

Please see our Annual Report for more information on our procurement practices, and learn more about our supply chain management here.

Learn more about sustainability at DNV in our Annual Report


Annual Reports

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GRI Index

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Code of Conduct

Our success depends on trust: this is why we have a Code of Conduct. Download it here.


DNV's Environmental sustainability & Climate Policy

Our strategic sustainability and climate goals set us on a path to reduce our environmental footprint across our company and ultimately enables us to make a positive climate impact.


ISO 14001

DNV as an organization is certified. You can find the documentation here.


ISO 45001

DNV as an organization is certified. You can find the documentation here.