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Espresso survey - 9001 and 14001 requirements

Espresso is an extended initiative of ViewPoint, our customer community. While the main ViewPoint surveys provide in-depth analyses, the Espresso surveys are meant to be more agile, providing a concentrated injection of insight on what your peers think and how they are moving on hot topics. We also provide comments from our expert's point of view.

The Espresso surveys focus on the new requirements for the new revisions of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as ISO is moving to improve how their standards support companies in building sustainable business performance, the big question for certified companies and organizations seems to be how they will meet the new requirements.

Espresso Archive 2023

Occupational health and safety audit findings snapshot

October 2023

Anti-Bribery audit findings snapshot

March 2023

Espresso Archive 2022

Energy audit findings snapshot

December 2022

Environmental audit findings snapshot

September 2022

Quality audit findings snapshot

May 2022

Privacy information management

February 2022

Espresso Archive 2021

Information security snapshot

November 2021

Occupational health and safety snapshot

May 2021

Remote audit snapshot

March 2021

Espresso Archive 2020

Infection risk snapshot

December 2020

Business Continuity snapshot

October 2020

Environmental Management snapshot

July 2020

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