Interview with Gesa Heinacher-Lindemann, Group Compliance Officer

What are the benefits of a new compliance programme for DNV GL?
It combines the best of both legacy organizations. It reflects the latest developments in how a compliance programme has to be set-up. The discussions we have had in workshops and classroom training about a common integrity level will help us obtain a common understanding of ethical behaviour within our organization. 

How do we best get our people to care about ethical behaviour and compliance?
Experience shows that the background and benefit of a compliance programme is manifold. It is very effective to have a direct dialogue in workshops and classroom training and to use dilemma training and realistic cases and scenarios. But we must also live our values, and that starts by recruiting the right people with the right mind set. And then we need to keep up our communication efforts. We can never communicate this enough. 

What are the challenges?
Establishing a common integrity culture while addressing the different aspects of our different cultures is, of course, a challenge. The culture, values and ways to behave differ from country to country, but all this needs to be at a level that we are comfortable with. The cultural aspects are very important to me and alignment with local needs is both fascinating and challenging. I very much appreciate the discussions I have with employees on these aspects.