Independent testing, inspection and certification - The science behind safety and reliability; Our laboratory services provide a unique and broad portfolio of testing capabilities, combined with strong multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience from the global shipping, energy and oil & gas sectors.

DNV GL - Energy

Battery and energy storage centre (US)
Development of advanced energy storage technologies and applications are on the rise. The lack of standards for technologies and standardized tests for applications pose challenges to compare technologies and applications in this emerging and expanding field. The Battery and Energy Storage Technology Test & Commercialization Center (BEST T&CC) helps promote a clean energy society through innovative battery and energy storage technology. It is the result of collaboration with the New York BEST Consortium.

Materials and corrosion laboratory facilities
(US, Norway, Singapore, Malaysia)

Many of the component or system failures that take place are related to materials selection, corrosion or quality issues. We offer a broad range of services within materials technology and laboratory testing. Our testing expertise is combined with theoretical knowledge of materials, failure modes/mechanisms, object expertise and an extensive team of corrosion specialists. We carry out tests for companies in the steel, automotive, construction, oil and gas, power and maritime industries.

Natural gas flow centre (UK)
DNV GL’s Flow Centre is one of the largest high pressure natural gas flow facilities in the world providing services to the oil, gas, offshore and pipeline industries. Extensive pipework arrangements can be accommodated in the 90-metre-long test area and full-size components such as meters, regulators, valves and filters can be calibrated and tested in realistic operating conditions.

Large scale hazard testing (UK)
Spadeadam Test Site is a unique facility carrying out research and technical service work for the oil and gas, process and energy industries, construction industries, as well as government agencies. It has the facilities and experience for a variety of services including testing of valves under dynamic conditions and gas explosion tests.

Structures and systems testing
(Singapore, US and Norway)

Our labs are recognized for their advanced approach to materials and structural testing, including evaluation of the corrosion and cracking resistance of steel pipe material.

Gas quality laboratory (The Netherlands)
Understanding the composition and overall properties of a transported gas is crucial to optimizing the process of gas grid entry, and reducing the risk of equipment damage and pipeline corrosion. Our laboratory in Groningen provides risk-assessment tools and techniques that analyse the exact composition of the used or transported gases.