Maintenance management was introduced because DNV could see that there was a large improvement potential if the maintenance strategy and philosophy were strengthened in shipping companies. It has previously been shown that, by changing from a reactive to a proactive approach, the owner/operator achieves an economic benefit and a competitive edge on its competitors.

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Introducing a proactive approach to ship maintenance management has proven challenging. Over the past few decades, several ship operators have attempted, with limited success, to move towards a proactive maintenance approach. So far, the IMO and oil majors (TMSA) have set the acceptance standard for maintenance management. Taking a reactive approach in order to comply with the oil majors’ requirements results in a constant challenge to keep up with standards set by others. A proactive approach gives the ship owner an opportunity to always stay ahead and be prepared for new and stricter requirements. Being ahead gives companies a great advantage over their competitors.


With DNV’s assistance, customers have improved the quality of their vessel management and reduced operational costs relating to maintenance, spare parts and damage.


DNV Maritime Solutions has worked with some of the world’s leading shipping companies. We have helped them to improve their maintenance management both on board their vessels and on shore. Through a structured approach, we assist in identifying improvement opportunities as well as developing and implementing cost-efficient, practical solutions. We divide our services into 3 phases: Phase 1 - Opportunity assessment. The outcome is a report, and after 3-4 weeks of close interaction with the customer (at the customer’s premises) we deliver a report on our findings and suggestions for improvement areas on which to focus. Phase 2 - Solution development and implementation planning. Based on the findings and opportunities identified in Phase 1, we help the customer to develop solutions especially suited to it. We also provide input on how to roll out a successful implementation. Phase 3 - Implementation. Maritime Solutions can assist the customer in implementing changes within its organisation, either by directly taking part in the implementation process in the office and on board vessels or by assisting key personnel during the implementation phase.

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